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Kevin S. - "It has been over 30 years since I have been able to move my neck. I still cannot believe that I lived all this time with pain and stiffness. Thank you Dr. Palmisano for making this happen!" 10/13/17

Elizabeth P. - "I was referred to Dr. Palmisano about 3 years ago for back and neck pain which had not responded to epidural injections and other modalities at another providers office. With Dr.'s "magic hands" and sincere interest in my well-being the pain was relieved. Dr. also suggested and demonstrated exercises for me to continue feeling better. I still return to Dr. whenever I need a "tune-up" and get anticipated relief. The staff in the office, each and everyone, has been always helpful. Thank you Dr. Palmisano & Staff. You get five stars from me!!." 10/02/17

Noelle P. - "I walked in with limited mobility in my left side neck and shoulder. I was unable to turn my head left without horrible pain. I had kept getting tingly fingers in my left hand too. After a month or so of treating with Dr. Palmisano I got full mobility back. I am able to turn my head and lift objects I wasn't able to do before. I feel like myself again after being down for so long since other doctors failed at helping me. I am beyond grateful for Dr. Palmisano, he has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! The staff in the office are wonderful, friendly and helpful." 09/11/17

Leonard H. - " I had been skeptical of chiropractic medicine before I met Dr. Palmisano. Was I ever wrong. In one visit Dr. Palmisano corrected severe pain that I had been enduring for years. After many injections, radio ablation, and physical therapy I was depressed and frustrated. Dr. Palmisano and his staff were altruistic, empathetic and professional. More than that, they fixed my problem and renewed my health. I recommend Dr. Palmisano to anyone with back pain that conventional medicine has failed." 07/19/17

Jayne W. - "I just want to give a big thank you to Dr, Glen Palmisano for fixing my lower back. I have previously went to physical therapy, acupuncture and another chiropractor for several years prior and that didn't fix it so I was thinking I would be living with this pain for the rest of my life until a friend told me to see what Dr. Palmisano could do for me and so I went and I want to tell everyone that this was the best thing I ever did for myself. After about a year of treatment I'm moving better than I have in years and no pain. I am very grateful to have found this chiropractor who really cares about his patients. Thank you so much for helping me feel better." 04/12/17

Reginald P. - "I had never been to a chiropractic doctor - I was always so afraid that this would cause further injury to my existing injuries. However - after not being able to walk much at all due to the extreme back pain, unable to stand up straight - or anywhere close to what I had once been able to do in uniform as a police officer for 23 years and a volunteer firefighter since 1977 - I knew something had to be done, and I did not want fusion. Dr. Kost of the Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center referred me to Dr. Palmisano and it did not take very long for me to be able to walk around without tears of pain and I can now stand a lot straighter then when I first came here. I used to look like the letter "S" when I stood due to the extreme pain(s). Not any more!" 12/20/16

Christine P. - "I truly believe Dr. Palmisano spared me from needing surgery. I had two slightly bulging discs and he was able to push them back into place. I continue visits to maintain good health." 10/25/2016

Denise P. - "Dr. Palmisano as far as I am concerned is a miracle worker. I have been a patient of his on and off for over 20 years. There has been times I could not straighten up to walk, and by the end of my visit, I walked out of that office with no pain.I went to his office one night with no appointment with a severe migraine headache, vomiting , with impaired vision. He took me immediately and worked on me and the headache went away. I was seen by an Orthopedic Surgeon who suggested I get surgery for a partial rotator cuff tear or I would have restrictions with how high I could lift my arm. Dr. Palmisano worked on m arm and shoulder. I am pain free with full range of my arm. I could go on and on with many stories of how he has healed my pain. I have recommended him to many, many people over the years, and will continue to do so. He is a wonderful Chiropractor and friend. The office staff is very friendly and helpful and are like family to me. My only fear is what will I do when he retires?" 10/17/2016

Andrea T. - "Great experience! I have seen multiple chiropractors over the past 25 years and Dr. Palmisano is by far the best. He truly cares about his patients and listens and is very helpful. The staff at the office is amazing as well. Highly recommended!!!" 9/8/2016

Catherine M. - "Back in November of 2015, I was referred to Dr. Palmisano for a right shoulder problem. It turned out to be the best decision made for me as I have now surrendered further treatments with steroids or cortisone....." 8/21/2016

Louanne L. - "Dr. Palmisano is the best!! Gives excellent care and has a great personality - truly loves what he does! His office staff is very friendly and has great knowledge of their positions. Everyone makes you feel like family." 5/25/2016

David K. - "Dr. Palmisano truly cares about each and every one of his patients. I have been a repeat patient throughout the past few years now and he has been the only one to help my back pain feel much better. The staff at his practice are very nice and helpful. If you are looking for an excellent chiropractor, look no further than Dr. Palmisano." 6/15/2016

Beth G. - "Dr. Palmisano is great! A true holistic practitioner! He is trained in acupuncture and also gives exercise programs that address weak areas. He truly cares about his patients. I recommend him wholeheartedly!!" 6/08/2016

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